Our CARE Pack contains all the ESSENTIAL items on the move to keep you safe. Comes with a FREE drawstring bag that keeps in all the essentials. 

1. 3 Ply Adult Mask | 10s

3 ply with stretchy rubber band ear loop. CE certified.



  • Dust proof Non-woven/ Efficient filtration melt blown cloth
  • 99.99% Bacteria Filtration Efficiency
  • Low Resistance to Breathing
  • Perfect fitting with Nose Band
  • Comfortable to wear


Product Size: 175x95mm

Production Date: Apr 2020

Product Expiry Date: Apr 2023

2. Mask Storage Clips | 2pcs

  • Easy & convenient for temporary storage of mask
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Reusable


3. Pocket Size Anti-Bacteria Wet Tissue | 2 packs

Effectively eliminate living virus and bacteria. FDA, MSDS, CE certified.

  • 75% Alcohol wipes
  • 99.99% sterilization rate 
  • Effective sterilization without residue
  • Rich in RO pure water
  • Clean on any surfaces

Product Shelf life: 18 months

4. Pocket Size Hand Sanitizer (30ml) | 2pcs

Rinse-free anti-bacteria hand sanitizing gel. 

  • 75% Alcohol
  • Kills 99.99% germs & virus
  • Safe to use

Product Expiry Date: 29/3/2023

5.  Elevator Press Stick/Anti-Virus Stick | 1pc

Door opening tool for avoiding direct contacting between human body and virus, maintaining public health and safety.

  • Zero contact ; Zero infection
  • Help avoid contact with surfaces
  • Portable & convenient to carry
  • Refill drops of disinfectant solution on the sponge to  effectively kill germs on the touching point

Pouch size: 17cm x 22cm


*Bulk purchase and individual item available for purchase too. Kids-size masks available too.

CARE Pack (with Drawstring Bag)

Care Pack