1. 3-Ply Adult Mask | 50pcs
3-ply with stretchy rubber band ear loop. CE certified.
-Dust proof Non-woven/ Efficient filtration melt blown cloth
-99.99% Bacteria Filtration Efficiency
-Low Resistance to Breathing
-Perfect fitting with Nose Band
-Comfortable to wear
Product Size: 175x95mm
Production Date: Apr 2020
Product Expiry Date: Apr 2023

2. Elevator Press Stick/Anti-Virus Stick | 1pc (FREE!) - worth $5
(Applies to 50pcs bundle pack)

Door opening tool for avoiding direct contacting between human body and virus, maintaining public health and safety.

- Zero contact ; Zero infection
- Help avoid contact with surfaces
- Portable & convenient to carry
- Refill drops of disinfectant solution on the sponge to effectively kill germs on the touching point

CARE Bundle - 3-Ply Adult Mask (50pcs) + FREE Anti Virus Press Stick